Riding a horse

Many of the paths in the Dordogne Valley are ideal for those who like to travel on horseback and you can easily sign up for an equestrian holiday. There is no shortage of equestrian centres offering day treks or longer stay holidays. Circuits range from 20 to more than 100 kms long and allow you to combine your passion for horses with the chance to discover this region.


The ‘Ferme Equestre de Mialaret‘ (Mialaret horse farm) offers a 5-day guided trek for experienced riders in the Xaintrie region of the Corrèze, across its granite plateau overlooking the Dordogne Valley and passing extraordinary sites such as the Tours de Merle.


The ‘Cheval Rando’, in Creysse is close to the Dordogne River. Philippe Della Vedova offers a variety of rides starting from the farm. On site accommodation enables you to spend some time amongst the horses, unless you prefer to follow Philippe on a longer trail, such as the Equirando.


Located near the Dordogne River, 3 km from Limeuil, The ‘Ferme de la Haute-Yerle‘ (Haute-Yerle farm) offers themed guided rides ranging from one to several days.